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❖ Backtagging: Is fine to a certain extent; if it's been like more than a month though I'd rather just discuss what happened so we can move forward.
❖ Threadhopping: Jack away! Just expect to be interrupted in return.
❖ Fourthwalling: Depends? Hit me up if a situation arises.
❖ Offensive subjects: Hate, wank, and drama. No, seriously. Take your hate and bashing elsewhere. Your character can hate mine, fine, but the second that bleeds over into OOC conversation and you can't keep things civil, we're done. This goes for any character, any canon. Civil debates on the finer nuances of character traits are perfectly acceptable, but you're gonna have to be willing to agree to disagree if it comes to it.
❖ Communication: Messages are welcome, requests are welcome, assumptions are not. Don't just expect me to follow your lead and fulfill your fantasies–-this is a combined effort. If we work together we can create something awesome, but it's a two way street. Your character can be an asshole to mine, but if you are disrespectful in an OOC capacity we won't be going anywhere. That means no god-moding, and no infomodding. That said, I love nattering on about verses and stuff, so please don't hesitate to send me a message or an ask. I'm happy to share other means of contact.
❖ Proofreading: Typos happen, but if they are prevalent in your writing, or you don't know the difference between their/there/they're, we're not going to get too far. If there are extenuating circumstances, such as English not being your first language, I'm willing to be more lenient, but this is supposed to be a fun pastime, and I can't have fun if I'm constantly distracted by your spelling and comma abuse.
❖ Prose prose prose! I hate funky formatting, especially since I am often away from home and tagging on mobile. You can tag however you want, but chances are I'll be responding in prose.
❖ Make an Effort: I don't have like a minimum word count or anything, and I don't mind short responses, but give me something to work with. If your character is only reactive without doing something that mine can respond to, this is going to be a really short scene. That said, if you're not feeling it, just say so! If you want to take things in another direction, that's fine, too. I want you to want to be writing this with me, so please don't hesitate to change things up or take risks.

❖ Hugging this character: Will be met with alarm and possible barbecuing if he doesn't know you well and consider you a good friend. If you are a good friend it's probably all good, though there will be tsun.
❖ Kissing this character: Also with the alarm and barbecuing, and good friends... uhm... well gosh if you like him that much I guess go for it, but expect some bafflement and awkward.
❖ Flirting with this character: Go for it, just don't expect him to necessarily be sincere in return.
❖ Regarding Shipping: I am all about character dynamics and growth, so I'm 100% open to shipping, but it has to happen naturally. Don't just fling your character at mine and expect them to start making out. Lea has a lot of trust issues, so romance is definitely not going to be a quick and easy undertaking. I am open to all types of relationships, so if your character can stand Lea for more than five minutes and you're interested in pursuing something more, please hit me up!
❖ Regarding NSFW Content: I am over 18, and if you want to take things to the bedroom you and your character had dang well better be, too. As with shipping in general, this is gonna take a little work, so don't just put your character in a teddie and expect things to heat up. Anything NSFW will be tagged as such if it's in a PSL.
❖ Fighting with this character: Knock yourself out. No, really, he's lazy, it'll make it easier if you knock yourself out so he doesn't have to. (Seriously tho, all over this.)
❖ Injuring this character: This is fine! I do like a good fight scene and I'm A-Okay with Lea taking some collateral damage for getting into one, just please don't write the injury for me!
❖ Killing this character In general, I'm not really looking to get him killed. Nearly killed, though, sure! However, if we're doing a PSL or something, I'm not 100% opposed to the idea.
❖ Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Not absolutely opposed, but let's talk about it first.

❖ Warnings: Lea's a bit abrasive, even now that he's got his heart back and is generally considered one of the good guys. He lacks delicacy and calls 'em like he sees 'em, so don't expect any sugar-coating or out-of-his-way niceness from him unless you're very close with him (or especially small and cute so as to activate Mentor Mode). That said, he likes friends, just be prepared to deal with some slightly caustic behavior and egregious amounts of sarcasm on the way to getting there.

❖ Additionally! When he's out of 'canon', it's always fun to have his Corridors of Darkness go a little haywire. If you're interested in having Lea show up unannounced in your living room (or bedroom. Or shower. Or whatever), please leave a comment and let me know! I'll always work out an actual situation with you, he won't just drop in unannounced OOCly, but if you're up for an unexpected visitor scene sometime, drop me a line!!