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About the Character

This is just a quick n dirty sort of bio for those who feels apps are TL;DR. Please bear in mind that a lot of these things are unconfirmed by canon and thus are my own interpretation.

Name: Lea
Age: Unconfirmed, but I peg him at 28 during Dream Drop Distance
Gender: Biologically male, male-identifying
Sexuality: "I have a heart again but I haven't used it in like twelve years what the actual fuck are feelings I have the strangest boner right now."
Build: Scrawny looking but can still bench press you. 6'3" (191cm).
Hair Color: Bing cherry red. And yes, the carpet matches the drapes.
Eye Color: Seafoamy or emerald green, depending on your Crayola preferences.
Abilities: Can utilize all basic universe magicks (Fire, Blizzard, Aero, Thunder, Cure), with a heavy emphasis on Fire. Can probably do other spells too, but never much bothered to really hone those skills. Summons Dark Corridors for easy travel and quick getaways. Able to nap all afternoon if you’ll let him. Can eat ice cream every damn day and still be a size 0. Fights with a pair of chakrams that work for both melee and ranged attacks and also has a Keyblade that never comes when it's called and he has no idea how to use! Also feelings. He doesn't know how to use those either.
Home World: Grew up in Radiant Garden, but now we're not sure where he hangs out. Maybe he just lives at the clock tower in Twilight Town like a hobo we just don't know.

Personality: Despite getting his heart back, Lea is still kind of a shit, just a tempered one. Lea has officially turned over a new leaf, but it's still a work in progress. He claims 'Dark Rescue' is his middle name, and actually makes a point of joining Team Keyblade of his own volition, though he's not quite sure he belongs there. He hasn't traded in any of his sass, but his smiles are genuine these days, instead of sinister, and chances are if you find yourself in over your head, he'll show up just in the nick of time to bail you out. (And then he'll never let you forget it.) He still has a hard time telling the truth, or expressing weakness (or gratitude), but he's trying, and that counts for something, right?
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IC Inbox

[pretend there's a cool picture of a cool device here, i just haven't made one yet.]

"Tell me something interesting.
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❖ Communication: Messages are welcome, requests are welcome, assumptions are not. Don't just expect me to follow your lead and fulfill your fantasies–-this is a combined effort. If we work together we can create something awesome, but it's a two way street. Your character can be an asshole to mine, but if you are disrespectful in an OOC capacity we won't be going anywhere. That means no god-moding, and no infomodding. That said, I love nattering on about verses and stuff, so please don't hesitate to send me a message or an ask. I'm happy to share other means of contact.
❖ Proofreading: Typos happen, but if they are prevalent in your writing, or you don't know the difference between their/there/they're, we're not going to get too far. If there are extenuating circumstances, such as English not being your first language, I'm willing to be more lenient, but this is supposed to be a fun pastime, and I can't have fun if I'm constantly distracted by your spelling and comma abuse.
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❖ Hugging this character: Will be met with alarm and possible barbecuing if he doesn't know you well and consider you a good friend. If you are a good friend it's probably all good, though there will be tsun.
❖ Kissing this character: Also with the alarm and barbecuing, and good friends... uhm... well gosh if you like him that much I guess go for it, but expect some bafflement and awkward.
❖ Flirting with this character: Go for it, just don't expect him to necessarily be sincere in return.
❖ Regarding Shipping: I am all about character dynamics and growth, so I'm 100% open to shipping, but it has to happen naturally. Don't just fling your character at mine and expect them to start making out. Lea has a lot of trust issues, so romance is definitely not going to be a quick and easy undertaking. I am open to all types of relationships, so if your character can stand Lea for more than five minutes and you're interested in pursuing something more, please hit me up!
❖ Regarding NSFW Content: I am over 18, and if you want to take things to the bedroom you and your character had dang well better be, too. As with shipping in general, this is gonna take a little work, so don't just put your character in a teddie and expect things to heat up. Anything NSFW will be tagged as such if it's in a PSL.
❖ Fighting with this character: Knock yourself out. No, really, he's lazy, it'll make it easier if you knock yourself out so he doesn't have to. (Seriously tho, all over this.)
❖ Injuring this character: This is fine! I do like a good fight scene and I'm A-Okay with Lea taking some collateral damage for getting into one, just please don't write the injury for me!
❖ Killing this character In general, I'm not really looking to get him killed. Nearly killed, though, sure! However, if we're doing a PSL or something, I'm not 100% opposed to the idea.
❖ Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Not absolutely opposed, but let's talk about it first.

❖ Warnings: Lea's a bit abrasive, even now that he's got his heart back and is generally considered one of the good guys. He lacks delicacy and calls 'em like he sees 'em, so don't expect any sugar-coating or out-of-his-way niceness from him unless you're very close with him (or especially small and cute so as to activate Mentor Mode). That said, he likes friends, just be prepared to deal with some slightly caustic behavior and egregious amounts of sarcasm on the way to getting there.

❖ Additionally! When he's out of 'canon', it's always fun to have his Corridors of Darkness go a little haywire. If you're interested in having Lea show up unannounced in your living room (or bedroom. Or shower. Or whatever), please leave a comment and let me know! I'll always work out an actual situation with you, he won't just drop in unannounced OOCly, but if you're up for an unexpected visitor scene sometime, drop me a line!!
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P L A Y E R;
NAME: Kari
AGE: Over 21
PLAYER JOURNAL: [personal profile] kawree
TIMEZONE: Arizona (Mountain, but no DST)
CONTACT: [ profile] kawree

C H A R A C T E R;
CANON: Kingdom Hearts [games + some supplementary tidbits from expanded canon media]
AGE: Unconfirmed, presumed late 20s.
APPEARANCE: Handy image. Basically he's a tall scrawny-looking beanpole with insanely red hair and eyes that probably glow in the dark.
CANON HISTORY: Handy wiki link. I also have a history I wrote up myself from back when games were more likely to make you do that.

CANON PERSONALITY: All canon has confirmed for us about Lea's youth is that he grew up in a world called Radiant Garden, was best friends with a boy named Isa, and had an unusual affinity for playing frisbee. At some point, around the time he was 16 or so, Radiant Garden was consumed by Darkness, and presumably that was when Lea lost his heart. After that, he was known as Axel, and was inducted into Organization XIII as its eighth member. As Axel, he quickly bought into the idea that he had no heart and no emotions, and thus much of the bright, cheerful boy we met in Birth by Sleep seems to have disappeared, replaced instead by a cold, calculating assassin with no allegiances but to himself, and no conscience to speak of. As time passed, though, he befriended Roxas and Xion and began questioning everything, leading to a defection that ultimately cost him his life and brought everything back around to the starting point once more.

Likely the first thing anyone notices about Lea is the attitude. Good or bad, Lea has plenty of chutzpah to go around, and makes no secret about it. Good-naturedly derisive, insufferably brash, and downright sassy at times, he puts on a very blatant show of assuming he's better than everyone else, but hey, it's hard to walk the walk if you can't talk the talk. If he's gonna play with the heroes now, he has to act like he owns the place: that's part of the contract. He makes a strong first impression, usually by acting significantly cooler than he really is, or by being unexpectedly sweet. Yeah, you heard that right: despite playing the part of an assassin for twelve years, at his core Lea's a big teddybear who loves kids and animals. Go figure.

Outwardly confident, with a tendency to mouth off and an inclination toward incorrigibility, it can definitely take a little getting used to Lea's acerbic nature before you realize that for the most part he means little harm. His incendiary demeanor and antagonistic manner are a bit of an initial turn-off, it's true (and mostly a defense mechanism), but in his opinion, people take themselves way too seriously anyway, and sometimes it's just too tempting to poke them with a stick. As a general rule he's a harmless breed of troublemaker who enjoys pushing peoples' buttons just to get a rise out of them, and while at first glance it can seem like he doesn't play well with others, the fact of the matter is simply that most people don't bother to get to know him well enough to learn otherwise. A tad duplicitous when he needs to be and an expert at manipulating his words, it takes someone with a lot of patience and a genuine desire to put forth the effort to read between his lines to get through his thick skin to the squishy nougat center fundamentally decent guy he pretends not to be. Granted, the antihero mask is a bit cracked anymore--he's come to terms with the fact that while he will never be the goody-two-shoes Sora is, maybe he's more cut out to be a hero than a villain in the end. 'Dark Rescue' is his middle name these days, after all, and when the chips are down he's more likely to prioritize his party's safety than his witty retorts.

Something of a showoff, Lea is mischievous and clever, and can't for the life of him sit still (unless he's taking a nap); he's resourceful and driven, perhaps even a little bit reckless given the right circumstances--he knows what he wants, and he despises losing, especially when the stakes are high. However, where Axel was always willing to do the dirty work provided he (or Saïx) stood to gain from it, Lea's much more his own person than Axel was allowed to be. Where Axel had clung desperately to the threads of the rapidly unraveling friendship he'd once shared with Saïx and found himself stung by the other man's coldness, Lea knows his new allies would have his back any day, any time, no matter the circumstances, and that's something he hasn't been able to say in a long time. He'll follow orders when he knows he has to or when it's in his best interests, but he hates to be told what to do. Dirty work be damned; Lea follows his own rules now. And, well, maybe Yen Sid's, if he's feeling cooperative.

He wears his moods on his sleeves quite visibly in safe company, and despite how it takes quite a shock to break through that calm collected mask he dons most of the time Lea is definitely not as infallible as he chalks himself up to be. He's fierce and proud, rebellious and suspicious, slow to trust new people, but rock-solid to the end once his affinity has been earned. And really, it's not that hard to earn it, once you get past his little show of bravado and posturing; it takes a while for him to really trust other people, but he gets attached easily. He might look like a punk, but he's got a polite streak (calling old ladies ma'am), humors children (he let The Lost Boys tie him and Roxas to a tree once), and has even been known to give relationship advice, complete with colorful analogies. You likely won't buy his tough guy act for very long.

What you really don't see is that the preening and posturing is mostly to hide that Lea is a pretty nice guy. I mean, this is the guy who has chats with dogs and then hugs them for being good listeners. True, he's a bit mercurial, and has been known to occasionally fall prey to a fiery temper, but his pugnaciousness is diffused by a generally world-weary cynicism that usually keeps his jokes just shy of going too far and actually hurting anyone. He's got a sharp edge, but rarely presses hard enough to draw blood, and despite occasionally getting his yayas out at the expense of others, even Axel wasn't outright cruel without a good reason. He works well under pressure, is ace at hitting the ground running, and always seems to have contingencies for his contingencies, but he does a good job of making it look like he's just making this up as he goes. Rarely without an answer or a smart comeback, he's known to occasionally be too blunt with his thoughts, and tends to err on the side of self-deprecating when all else fails. It's easier to make jokes at his own expense than admit what he's really thinking or feeling, and even when he's too frank with bad news it's not to be unkind, he's just calling 'em like he sees 'em. Charismatic, street-smart, and quick on his feet, Lea is definitely a good ally to have on your side. For that matter, he's a damn good friend if you can stand his sarcasm and wisecracks for more than ten minutes. He's loyal to a fault when he attaches himself to someone, it just takes a lot of convincing to impress him to the point where he'll stop being insufferable long enough to really let someone in. Once you're in, though, Lea will literally walk through fire for you if necessary, and do it gladly.

One thing no one will ever accuse Lea of is stinginess. He pulls out all the stops to try and make things easier for his friends (even if that means skipping a nap to pull double work duty, or taking on an icky dangerous task to make sure nobody gets themselves killed). Even before he got his heart back, he put Roxas and Xion before work, which could have easily gotten him killed in his specific occupation. He's always ready with a smart remark or a dumb joke to try and lighten the mood, and he's fiercely protective of the people he takes a liking to, almost to the point of possessiveness. Though he came to strongly question his belief in Xemnas' preaching about a Nobody's lack of heart, the doubt in himself was always there, and only when he was with Roxas and Xion did he truly 'feel' like he could feel anything. In a way, they were the only thing that affirmed to him the idea that he existed at all, and he wasn't willing to give that up for anything. While he no longer needs external validation for his emotions, old habits die hard, and like Axel, Lea isn't prepared to give up the bonds he's forged for anything.

He may not always be honest, but he's always good on his word, silver tongue notwithstanding, and if he screws something up, you can bet your last ten munny he's going to try and set things right. Axel would never have said aloud that he would die for his friends, but in the end, his actions spoke much louder. When he makes a promise, he keeps it, even if it means risking (or ending) his life. He will always be there for his friends, no matter how rough the road, and if the only way to keep someone he loves safe is to sacrifice himself for it… well, that's a bridge he'll cross if and when he comes to it. He takes promises more seriously than most things; if he makes you a promise, he's going to fight tooth and nail to keep it, no matter how difficult it becomes. His friendship with Roxas and Xion became the single most important thing to him (before he, you know, forgot about Xion), and it drove him to the point of desperation. Come KH2, he even admitted to himself that Naminé was right when she accused him of being lonely, despite that pesky belief that he had no heart--he doesn't do well without friends, to the point of talking to Mickey's dog, Pluto, when there was no one else to listen to him. Solitude eats away at him like rust, and he'll do just about anything to avoid it.

Though he may not be a scholastic genius he's little if not ambitious and driven to get what he wants in order to facilitate the needs of the operation. Strategically, he's difficult to outwit, because he's almost always planned two or three steps ahead of the game. Even Master Xehanort didn't see him coming, for crying out loud. Knowing thy enemy is always a good tactic, and Lea certainly knows the Organization well; he's extremely perceptive, and always makes a point of being as aware of his surroundings as possible. He has no qualms about diving into dangerous situations headlong when he knows he has to, and while he certainly won't pass up the opportunity to nap, Lea has something Axel yearned for for years: purpose. He's still not sure he's cut out to wield a Keyblade, and he's a little uncertain about this whole Being A Good Guy schtick, but in the end he said it himself: he's got promises to keep, and he's not about to go back on his word because the path ahead of him might be rocky. He's struggling with a lot of guilt regarding what happened prior to his death--he betrayed Roxas and really blew it, and he's going to spend a lot of time trying to make up for it. He's always hidden his true thoughts behind a wall of self-deprecating humor, but now that he's got his heart back he'll be feeling that guilt all the more (though he's still not sorry about Vexen).

So really, at this point, he is both Lea and Axel; the light that he had held as a child was never fully extinguished, even in the dark years he spent in the Organization. Despite trading in his villain status for a shiny new heart, a Keyblade, and a fresh start, Lea certainly packed a box before he left his office in The World That Never Was. If he took one thing from his existence as Axel, it was the knowledge that in the end, nothing is more important than the people you care about, not even your own life, and that becomes the driving force behind his whole rebooted demeanor. Lea comes full circle by the end of the current run of the series, from the kind and clever child we were introduced to in Birth by Sleep to the confident and competent adult that manifests a Keyblade by the end of Dream Drop Distance. Even without his heart, Axel never completely lost sight of the things that really mattered--it just took him a few trips around the block to get his head on straight. Lea emerged from the shadow of himself a tempered blade, managing to preserve the strength of that darker half of his persona without losing the light inside of him for good.


As a playable character in Mission Mode of 358/2 Days, Axel has the ability to use the full range of spells available in the game's arsenal. This includes three levels of Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Aero, and Cure. Logically Lea would have preserved this skill, since any human with the proper training can be a mage. However, it is my personal belief that while he is capable of using all of these spells, his skill with most magic other than fire-based is mediocre and he's slightly below average at best at restorative magic. Contrary to popular belief, fire can still hurt him, as demonstrated in 358/2 Days: he gets hit with enemy fire and loses health just like his partner.

Lea is also shown as maintaining the ability to manipulate the Corridors of Darkness to move between and within worlds, as he uses one to get to Disney Castle. These corridors are able to bridge any distance, utilizing the flux space between dimensions known as Betwixt and Between to close the gaps between planes and worlds. These don't manipulate time so far as we know, and I'm used to limiting their power to stay within whatever world or space he happens to be in at the time, but if necessary I'm perfectly happy to nerf as mods deem necessary. It's actually kind of hilarious when they don't work right and deposit him unannounced into someone's bathroom or something.

Lea's weapons of choice are a pair of red-and-silver spiked chakrams that actually more closely resemble Chinese wind-and-fire-wheels than traditional chakrams. Lea is shown able to summon and wield these weapons without trouble, indicating that they are not tied to his being a Nobody. They can be conjured at will from the air and serve as melee as well as ranged weapons, as they can be both used for slashing/stabbing and be thrown. Lea also manifests a yet unnamed Keyblade at the end of 3D. It is uncertain what sorts of abilities this Keyblade grants him, but either way it seems rather temperamental. The Hammerspace his weapons are summoned from is otherwise inaccessible, and is only attached to his weaponry, as far as anyone knows. Incidentally, Lea also has a knack for throwing darts, and plays a mean game of frisbee.

His reflexes are phenomenal, allowing him to dodge very well and sprint at incredible speeds. Lea is one fast bastard. He will whup your ass at Hot Hands. Lea's also physically strong as hell. Like way stronger than his scrawny frame might suggest. He holds off Isa/Saïx's massive Claymore with one hand with Sora tucked neatly beneath his other arm, and he can easily carry both two fifteen-year-olds at the same time (as shown in the manga).

No, you can't read his poker face. He's an incredible bluffer, and despite the fact that he got his ass beat at cards by Luxord, well... Luxord cheats. A real smooth operator, Lea has the same silver tongue Axel had and really has a way of talking himself out of (or into) just about anything. He's an accomplished double-agent and has charisma points to spare. He tends to be very even-tempered, even under pressure, and though Axel has shown real anger a few times, he was usually very good about keeping his cool and not letting things get to him. Lea might actually have a bit of a harder time controlling his temper, at least at first while he gets used to actually having a real full-fledged heart again. Incidentally, despite being a very adept and borderline pathological liar, Axel never had much luck lying directly to his friends, and thus Lea is logically stricken with the same situational glass face. In fact, now that he has his heart again, he tends to get easily overwhelmed by those emotions he spent so long denying, and winds up feeling stupid because he has a hard time keeping them in check a lot of the time.

He is shown as being very streetwise and quick on his feet. Having done a lot of inter-world reconnaissance for the Organization as Axel, he's very adept at blending into society--or staying out of sight--in order to observe and learn about his surroundings. He can easily tail people without being seen, and if he does manage to get caught he can probably convince you it was just a coincidence he was following you in the first place.

He's also extremely perceptive and can cold-read people fairly accurately. Body-language, tone of voice, minute changes of expression--they're all very telltale, and he's spent a long time studying the little things that give people away. Also given his apparent obsession with memorization, I think he's got an eidetic memory. Lastly, Lea has a rather impeccable sense of timing. He always seems to know exactly when it's The Opportune Moment or The Right Time to make an entrance (or exit) and rarely fails to properly seize it.

• Organization Uniform (black coat, shirt, pants, gloves, and boots) x1
• Gaudy scarf not unlike the one worn here x1
• A few restorative items--Potions, Ethers, maybe an expired Elixir--in his pockets
• Small pouch with some loose change (munny) x1
• Summonable weaponry (pair of chakrams, unnamed Keyblade) x1 each, usually kept in Hammerspace
• Egregious amounts of sass

Though he'll be new to these "Jaunts", Lea is a seasoned world-traveler, as it were, having hopped to many different worlds during his twelve-year stint with the Organization. So he'll probably be a little irritated that it's back to the old Visit New World, Complete Mission gig, but he'll get over it.

M A R K S;
Action — Consciousness — Concentration — Personal power
Practicality — Energy — Creativity — Movement
Precision — Conviction — Manipulation — Self confidence
Being objective — Focusing — Determination — Initiative

This arcana is basically Lea to a tee. He embodies all of these traits to a certain extent, particularly precision, as his firepower could easily cause a lot of problems if he wasn't disciplined with it; manipulation, as he is an expert at swinging the odds into his favor, though he is less strictly self-serving now that he's gotten his heart back and can't pretend he has no conscience anymore; and determination, as saving his friends and defeating Xehanort has become all but a crusade for him now.

Conquest — Honor — Victory — Energy
Egocentrism — Self-confidence — Conviction — Anxiety
Willpower — Self-assertion — Hard control — Discipline

Inflexibility — Success — Wealth — Recognition
Impulsivity — Command — Bravery — Pride

Lea demonstrates many traits of the Chariot arcana as well, especially conviction, as he is completely dedicated to learning how to wield a Keyblade, no matter how difficult it may be for him, if that's what it takes to defeat Xehanort; impulsivity, though he tends to read his surroundings and always has an out for himself, he's known to act recklessly or to take an unexpected opportunity that presents itself, even if he hasn't thought up seven contingencies yet; and bravery, as he is always ready to put his life on the line for the people important to him.

Self-control — Being solid — Patience — Compassion
— Stability — Perseverance — Moderation
Kindness — Gentleness — Slowness — Softness
Serenity — Comprehension — Discipline — Inner strength

No one would call Lea a weakling, and so Strength could suit him as well. In particular, he demonstrates perseverence, in his unwillingness to ever break a promise or let his loved ones down; kindness, though it's something you might not see at first glance, he is generous with his friends and will often go out of his way for them; and discipline, as shown by his mastery of the unpredictable element of fire, as well as extremely dangerous insane spiky death wheel weapons.

Judgment — Rebirth — Inner calling — Absolution
Restart — Accepting past mistakes/actions — Release
Forgiveness — End of repression — Reconciliation — Renewal
Decision — Salvation — New beginning — Hope — Redemption

While Lea may indeed embody every trait of the Magician in some form or another, Justice is perhaps the most relevant of the arcana for Lea, given that he is now literally living his "next life". Having sacrificed himself so that Sora could make his way to the Organizations's stronghold, he never expected to regain his heart and get a second chance, and now that he has it, he's going to make the most of it and do everything he can to make up for the terrible mistakes he made in his past life. He especially demonstrates rebirth, for obvious reasons just explained; accepting past mistakes/actions, and taking great leaps to work toward fixing those that he can, and making up for those he cannot; reconciliation, in that he is now allied with the very people he fought against while working with the Organization; and redemption, as he's currently in the throes of the most dramatic redemption arc in the series thus far.

VETO: None in particular. There are arcana I don't feel suit him so well, but if you must throw a curveball, I shall say bring it on.

S A M P L E S;
7 comments from me
8 comments from me
I wasn't in Hadriel very long, and any other threads I had would have been significantly older, so I didn't have one thread that was a full ten comments from me, I'm sorry! I just figured actual interactions with other characters was a better voice sample than something written as Lea alone. If you need me to do that instead, though, I'm perfectly willing to do so.

He was really not pleased at all.

Lea had spent a long time learning how to expect the unexpected, and yet this had him completely at a loss. The Corridors had glitched once or twice, sure--that time he'd accidentally portaled into the bathroom while Larxene was showering, that had been awkward--but he'd never wound up so completely off-course that he had no idea where he was. More than that, the fact that he was literally hearing voices in his head wasn't too comforting, either. He wasn't sure he believed the part about these 'Arcana' people dragging him away from home for a super secret special mission, but at this point he guessed it was as good an explanation as any. It didn't really make any less sense than 'you just lost your heart and have no emotions, good luck with that' had twelve years ago, so he supposed that a simple displacement was better than that alternative. Again.

It had been pretty clear that no one he spoke to really gave a damn if he was onboard with this whole 'Jaunt' deal, or even if he believed any of it, but so far everyone's stories had corroborated everyone else's. He wasn't sure if that was good or bad, though; it meant that either they were all hopelessly brainwashed, or that really was the case, and he couldn't decide which option unsettled him less. The thought of working for another shady syndicate nobody really knew anything about was not his idea of a good time. He had just literally died trying to fix all the stupid mistakes he'd made the last time he'd worked for a shady syndicate!

Ugh, why were there always so many rules, though? 'Stick to the rules of the Jaunt', they said, don't color outside the lines, blah blah blah. 'Don't turn against the other Investigators', he'd been told, in no uncertain terms, and he'd had to laugh a little. Oh, he certainly had no experience being a turncoat, nosiree. Whatever this place really was, and however long he was stuck here, it seemed he was going to have to play nice, at least for a little while, which was lame. He had no alliances here, no one he trusted, no one he even knew, so far as he could tell. It wasn't like he'd never been thrown into something headfirst and told he had to make the best of it, but he had kind of been hoping that he was done with all that by this point in his life. Second life. Whatever.

On the other hand, this was work he was good at, work he had over a decade's worth of experience doing. Infiltrating worlds, gathering data, sizing things up, he could do all that in his sleep, and besides the whole Xemnas being an evil douchebag and lying to the rest of them for more than ten years part, the work that he'd done for the Organization had been interesting. He had kind of enjoyed checking out new worlds, when it came down to it, so really, he guessed it could have been a lot worse.

He could have wound up somewhere boring.