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About the Character

This is just a quick n dirty sort of bio for those who feels apps are TL;DR. Please bear in mind that a lot of these things are unconfirmed by canon and thus are my own interpretation.

Name: Lea
Age: Unconfirmed, but I peg him at 28 during Dream Drop Distance
Gender: Biologically male, male-identifying
Sexuality: "I have a heart again but I haven't used it in like twelve years what the actual fuck are feelings I have the strangest boner right now."
Build: Scrawny looking but can still bench press you. 6'3" (191cm).
Hair Color: Bing cherry red. And yes, the carpet matches the drapes.
Eye Color: Seafoamy or emerald green, depending on your Crayola preferences.
Abilities: Can utilize all basic universe magicks (Fire, Blizzard, Aero, Thunder, Cure), with a heavy emphasis on Fire. Can probably do other spells too, but never much bothered to really hone those skills. Summons Dark Corridors for easy travel and quick getaways. Able to nap all afternoon if you’ll let him. Can eat ice cream every damn day and still be a size 0. Fights with a pair of chakrams that work for both melee and ranged attacks and also has a Keyblade that never comes when it's called and he has no idea how to use! Also feelings. He doesn't know how to use those either.
Home World: Grew up in Radiant Garden, but now we're not sure where he hangs out. Maybe he just lives at the clock tower in Twilight Town like a hobo we just don't know.

Personality: Despite getting his heart back, Lea is still kind of a shit, just a tempered one. Lea has officially turned over a new leaf, but it's still a work in progress. He claims 'Dark Rescue' is his middle name, and actually makes a point of joining Team Keyblade of his own volition, though he's not quite sure he belongs there. He hasn't traded in any of his sass, but his smiles are genuine these days, instead of sinister, and chances are if you find yourself in over your head, he'll show up just in the nick of time to bail you out. (And then he'll never let you forget it.) He still has a hard time telling the truth, or expressing weakness (or gratitude), but he's trying, and that counts for something, right?